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The 98%

Apr 22, 2024

Just when you thought this business couldn't get any tougher, Deadline exposes another scandal that has rocked the industry and sent shockwaves through the creatvies involved in the audition process. Agents sending fake self tape requests to actors?! If this is something you'd never even contemplated before, you...

Apr 20, 2024

"Archie Purnell" JAMIE FISHER (also using the name 'Richard'), rogue talent agent, is back with a new name, new studio name ('Wigan TV & Film Acting School'), but the same old tricks.

To get ahead of accusations he is spreading rumours and false claims.

Knowing all I know, I cannot sit back and let more people...

Apr 8, 2024

This episode is 1 hour 4 mins long. If your podcast app is only playing the first 45 mins, there is a technical issue that is currently being looked at! Please check back here for the full episode coming asap!

Last year The 98% was contacted by Jake Kanter, a journalist for Deadline, after the podcast featured stories...