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The 98%

Jan 23, 2023

The 98% is back! And we’re kicking off with a 3 part mini series “From Learning to Earning, A Story of Mistreatment in the Acting Industry.” 

In our upcoming 5th series of the podcast we have a range of incredible guests lined up, but first we wanted to delve into an important subject matter that sadly affects many in our profession; abuse and mistreatment in an industry with a dangerous hierarchy and a pressure to do “whatever it takes.”

In this first episode we have the pleasure of talking to Katie Gibson. Influenced by her damaging experience at drama school, Katie has made a groundbreaking documentary exposing the unfair treatment and abuse of power at UK drama schools with her production company Little Crush Films. We chat to Katie about her experience during training, how she views the industry now and what we can expect from her upcoming documentary 'Tread The Boards'. 

You can follow Katie’s production company on instagram and twitter @littlecrushfilms for updates about the documentary, it won't be one to miss!

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If you have experience of mistreatment or misconduct during actor training please get in touch with Equity. You don't need to be a member to receive supprt! 
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