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The 98%

Apr 20, 2024

"Archie Purnell" JAMIE FISHER (also using the name 'Richard'), rogue talent agent, is back with a new name, new studio name ('Wigan TV & Film Acting School'), but the same old tricks.

To get ahead of accusations he is spreading rumours and false claims.

Knowing all I know, I cannot sit back and let more people be scammed.

"Drawing from documented sources and firsthand accounts of those impacted, I am making this public statement, as a vital disclosure for anyone who may come into contact with, now or in the future, Jamie Fisher aka Jamie Thomas Fisher aka AP James aka Archie Purnell."

This statement has also been released as a video on social media. You can find the full video on instagram @the98percentpod, with links posted on twitter at the same handle.

You can find the full transcription of this statement here:

Listen to S5E32 of The 98% to hear more information and background to this scandal.

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