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The 98%

Nov 2, 2020

During lockdown Alexa and Katie hosted a live webinar with performance psychologist Dr Steve Bull (aka Alexa's Dad!) who you may remember from the resilience episode in Series 1. As the current situation is badly affecting performers and creatives, it is especially important to work on mental wellbeing and Alexa and Katie felt it was important to share this webinar with all listeners of The 98%. In this episode you'll hear Steve talk about "The 3 C's" which include, controlling the controllables, outcome vs process focus, commitment, your personal brand, confidence, the importance of reviewing successes, being your own CEO and “Putting the big rocks in first”. Part 2 of this webinar which includes attendees' questions that Steve answers can be found on our patreon here: Where you can hear advice on self referenced appraisal, how to handle the industry without the safety blanket of college, how to deal with being being ghosted after auditions/reaching out, how you can successfully leverage your strengths and mentally handling paythebills jobs that don’t fulfil you.

We wanted to feature this on patreon as a special thanks to our patreon supporters who help ease the financial weight of paying to keep The 98% up and available for everyone to listen to for free. You can sign up for monthly donations or give a one off donation and still have access to the extra content that's up there! *Every little helps* and goes directly back into keeping this podcast going.

Read more about Steve here: And for a more in-depth look at what is discussed in this episode, order his most recent book "The Game Plan" here:  (Or, if ya don't fancy supporting by directly from the publisher as an ebook or print): 


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