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The 98%

Nov 16, 2020

The amazing women behind the Industry Minds podcast, Scarlett Maltman and Cathy Read, join The 98% today to talk about why they started their podcast and subsequent mental health support initiatives and their own journey's with mental health within the creative arts.  Find out more about Industry Minds at: Book tickets for the Industry Minds Awards on November 30th 2020 here:  Follow on Twitter/Instagram - @IndustryMindsUK For therapy inquiries email: 



To listen to Katie and Alexa talk about their experiences of mental health and some behind the scenes chats about The 98% podcast listen to S4E3 of Industry Minds! A link to the episode on apple podcasts is here: In 2019 Alexa spoke at a live event hosted by Industry Minds and Bumble. The highlights of Alexa's panel discussion is on The 98%'s podcast feed as a bonus episode. A link to the episode on apple podcasts is here:


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