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The 98%

Jun 15, 2020

The term "intimacy co-ordinator" is probably new to most people and yet their job should have been a staple in this industry LONG before now. In this episode Alexa and Katie are joined by the amazing Lizzy Talbot who saw a gap in the industry that sorely needed to be filled. She went on to set up one of the first companies in the UK advocating for safe intimacy for stage and screen'll just have to listen to the episode to hear why what she does is so fabulous! This is a REALLY interesting episode that is not to be missed! You'll look at nudity and sex scenes completely different, for all the right reasons. Follow Lizzy on twitter @Lizzyhtalbot for news, info and what she's working on to keep an eye out for!

Check out the new website for Lizzy's Intimacy Stage and Screen here company


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