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The 98%

Mar 20, 2023

Unless you have experience of one yourself, many people don't know much about co-operative agencies, we sure didn't! The first co-op agency started in the UK in 1974 and since then many thrive in the industry. An actors' co-operative agency operates similarly to a conventional agency but is managed by the actors themselves and each member dedicates a certain amount of time to working as an agent for all other members of the co-op. 

In this episode our guest Owyn Stephens, chair and member of co-op agency Rogues and Vagabonds, tells all...What is a co-op? What are the benefits and misconceptions? Including insight into the amazing perks his agency offers and why being part of a co-op may actually be a better fit than having a traditional agent...This is an episode that is sure to teach you a lot! And may open doors that you haven't considered knocking on before...

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To find out more about Rogues and Vagabonds visit their website and follow them on twitter @RandVManagement and instagram @roguesandvagabondsmgmt 

You can find Owyn on twitter at @OwynStephens

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