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The 98%

May 15, 2023

From wanting to be an actor but being told she was “ruining it for everyone else” with her struggle to learn lines to building a retreat for actors to make a safe learning space, today’s guest Steph Upsall has one mission: to revolutionize how we train ourselves as actors and making sure we are being our best selves as a human first and an actor second. Steph’s company “Both Feet” offers actor training retreats that are the only training of its kind in the world. Designed to help build humans, not just characters, Steph uses exercises based on Meisner’s teachings alongside her Neuro Linguistic Programming and mBIT (where neuroscience backs up ancient wisdoms) practice to unlock an actors potential and give them practical tools to translate to any acting job. Instead of the tired, dangerous ethos of “breaking actors down”, Both Feet challenges actors in a safe, supportive environment where you can take risks but learn to trust yourself.
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