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The 98%

Aug 7, 2023

For so long conservatoire drama schools have been the only way to get invaluable training to set you up for the industry...but not anymore. IAmPro is just one of the alternative training offerings out there for actors and creatives who want to work in the entertainment industry. IAmPro trains talent digitally and gets them discovered, collaborating and networking, and offers personalised end-to-end learning which prepares people for the future creative industry. Their mission is to democratise the historically archaic systems which have driven multi-layers of inequality within our industry.

Today's guest is Ben Brooks, co founder and director of production at IAmPro. Ben himself started off in-front of the camera as an actor and then studied Musical Theatre before deciding to work behind the camera in television production, which he has done for the last 15 years. He is also and agent and director of acting agency iAP Talent Group. 

Ben tells us about his journey from being an actor as a youngster to working behind the camera, and eventually co-founding an alternative to the standard actor training to make it more accessible for all creatives to explore multiple avenues within the entertainment business. We chat about nepotism within the industry (and his own experience of having a famous actress as a sister!), going from working in front of the camera to behind the camera in production, how and why IAmPro started, the perception of success, thoughts on casting director workshops, as well as brilliant advice from an agent’s point of view as director of an actor agency!

Make sure you listen all the way through to hear an exclusive DISCOUNT for listeners of The 98% for all the amazing things IAmPro has to offer!

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