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The 98%

Jan 30, 2023

In the second episode of this mini series highlighting mistreatment in the arts, The 98% is re-releasing an episode from 2021 of people’s stories of abuse in the industry. While the guests for this mini series cannot share the accounts they have been made privy to, we felt it important to provide context and accounts that show how widespread these issues are in our industry and give examples of why Katie, from the previous episode, and the next guest Helen are doing the work they are doing.

In this collaboration episode between The 98% and Industry Minds, people's experiences of abuse in the arts are given a voice. Please be aware of the subject matter, as this episode covers a wide range of incidences of abuse and abuse of power. If you are affected by anything covered in this episode Samaritans has a free 24/7 helpline at 116 123.

If you believe you may have been a victim of a criminal offence and would like some confidential support and advice - you can call victim support for free 24 hours a day on 08081689111. You can also reach out and find out more at

Industry Minds offers free and low cost counselling to those in the arts with their counsellor Mary Burch BEM. Contact

While no one owes anyone their story, if you’d like to share any experiences, thoughts or responses in relation to this episode and mini series you can: 
- Email us at 
- DM us on instagram and twitter @the98percentpod
- Contact us via our website us

To hear more of this podcast combo you can hear Scarlett and Cathy in an episode of The 98% (S3E15) And Alexa and Katie in an episode of Industry Minds (S4E3)