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The 98%

Sep 18, 2023

Three jobbing actors turn on the mic. One of them loves dealing with tax..the other two looooathe it. What happens next? Tune into find out! Alexa, Katie and guest Pete Mooney talk all things "tax for beginners" and really break it down to empower actors and other creatives to feel in control and in-the-know about being taxed as a freelancer. Tax returns, expenses, claims, budgeting, the importance of checking your bank statements, and more - all explored to the back drop of personal stories from Alexa, Katie and Pete about their tax woes and lessons learned.

Pete offers a personalised, friendly and helpful tax service for creatives and those who are self emplyed through his side hustle Tax, Back and Craic. Find out more and book in a session by following @taxbackandcraic on social media!


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