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The 98%

Nov 27, 2023

While people are saying the SAG-AFTRA vote is over, technically it's just suspended. The deal offered by the AMPTP and agreed upon by the actors union still needs to be voted on by members of SAG-AFTRA...and some are voting no, including previous podcast guest and strike captain Kylie Sparks, who featured in our special strike episode in July. 

Hear Kylie break down some of the deal points that bring concern for the "journeyman actor" (like those in the 98%!), and why they believe the union has been strong-armed into accepting a deal instead of pushing for rights that, if ignored, could cause irreprobable damage to our industry. 

This episode is an audio recording of an instagram live, so if you'd prefer to watch this discussion head over to @the98percentpod to view.

(Halfway through the episode you may hear running water coming from Kylie's audio - someone was taking a shower and we weren't aware sound was being picked up, apologies!)

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