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The 98%

Dec 11, 2023

It's the 100th episode of The 98%! And what could be more on brand than a deep dive on the one thing that actors in the 98% have in common...having to have a non-acting job. Guest Robyn Holdaway returns to the podcast after publishing a brilliant article on The 98%'s blog entitled "How To Pick The Right Non Acting Job For You". They break down every part of the process of having to find a paythebills job with the main idea being finding a job that doesn't rot your soul...because, as Robyn so brilliantly puts it, "you will be a better actor if you don’t hate yourself and your work, because the more desperate you become for an acting job...the worse you’re going to become." 

It's very normal to believe that the "right" job to have alongside your acting career is one that makes you as flexible and available for acting as possible, but that shouldn't be the only criteria. Considering 98% of actors don't earn their main source of income from acting, the reality is you are more than likely going to be paying your tax bill each year from work outside of the industry. So finding a job that is right for YOU, which can differ person to person, is of paramount importance. As is keeping a healthy state of mind and finding joy in your day to day life. How you pay your bills is a huge part of that, and in turn makes you a healthier and better person to enjoy the acting work when it does come. So how do you find a job like this? And what are the options? Listen now to find out!

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