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The 98%

Mar 11, 2024

After a lifetime dedicated to the "I can do nothing but act" frame of mind, everything changed aged 39 for guest Lee Mengo. Thinking about his future and his prospects, Lee realized that acting wasn’t giving him what he needed in life. Financially, mentally, spiritually, egotistically...but coming to terms with that was a long hard road. When he finally made the decision to step away, start his journey of sobriety, and found a job that he loved teaching young actors…his 20 years of hard work came back around and he ended up booking bucket list acting jobs!

As a teacher, Lee practices the values of kindness and positivity. He shares with his students the importance of finding validation and authenticity within themselves and how actor training has no room for hostility or high pressure. This episode is a must listen for an injection of inspiration, positivity, hope, and a reminder to live a person centered #actorslife.


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