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The 98%

Apr 8, 2024

This episode is 1 hour 4 mins long. If your podcast app is only playing the first 45 mins, there is a technical issue that is currently being looked at! Please check back here for the full episode coming asap!

Last year The 98% was contacted by Jake Kanter, a journalist for Deadline, after the podcast featured stories of those who experienced abuse and misconduct at UK drama schools. Thus began a relationship that has resulted in multiple exsposé articles unearthing misconduct in the industry after people who had reports to make had nowhere left to go, apart from The 98%, to share what had happened to them. So why did Alexa, and many others, feel like a journalist was the only option in having their voice heard? How does writing an exposé work? What are some behind-the-scenes looks at the uncovering of these recent topics? And why does the idea that those who report are making falsehoods not hold up in these cases? Listen to find out...

Contact Jake:
Twitter: jake_kanter

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