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The 98%

Apr 22, 2024

Just when you thought this business couldn't get any tougher, Deadline exposes another scandal that has rocked the industry and sent shockwaves through the creatvies involved in the audition process. Agents sending fake self tape requests to actors?! If this is something you'd never even contemplated before, you wouldn't be the only one. But sadly these are not just isolated incidents... 

Including comments from The CDA and Equity's General Secretary, testimonies from actors who have been affected, and more, join me on a deep dive into the recently exposed scandal of agents sending fake self tape requests to clients. The what's, how's, why's...

This isn't just about fake auditions, it's about deceit, emotional manipulation, selfish gain and moral corruption in an industry with such a powerful hierarchy, that this behaviour has been able to thrive for years.

[Like the Bodhi Scandal episode, this one is more of a broadcast style vibe - would love to know what you think about this kind of style for The 98%! Share your thoughts online @the98percentpod]


IAM / Luc Chaudhary / Helen Kelly
'UK Self-Tape Scandal Deepens: International Artists Management Admits Sending Client Misrepresented Audition Invite'

'“Was My Tape Fake?”: The Question Panicked British Actors Are Asking Casting Directors About Audition Invites — And Why It Matters'

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