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The 98%

Feb 20, 2023

“If an acting coach has to touch you to make you a better actor, then they’re a bad f*cking coach.”

When today's guest, Nikki, was a young new actor in Toronto she went for a private coaching session with an actor, coach and union member who, in the course of the session, assualted her under the guise of coaching her to 'loosen up'. When Nikki recieved no help from her union, or anywhere else, she courageously took to social media to share her story and soon found out she wasn't the only one to have experienced inappropriate touching from a coach...

As the final follow up to mini-series 'From Learning to Earning, A Story of Mistreatment in the Acting Industry' The 98% wanted to platform Nikki to show that abuse of power from industry professionals in the entertainment industry is not isolated to the UK, or anywhere. It is a systemic, institutionalised, global problem that is consistently ignored by those who are supposed to be keeping actors safe. 

In this episode you'll hear Nikki detail her experience, what happened after, the support group she co-founded, and what she thinks actors need to look out for when it comes to working with coaches and industry pros.

To watch/hear Nikki's original post, which includes the name of the coach in question, follow this link

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