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The 98%

Dec 20, 2022

Get your festive gear on, grab a drink and hunker down for a jam packed Christmas episode including listener stories, some VIA ("very important animal") introductions and a generous helping of classic 98% chat from Alexa and Katie. 

We are very excited to be back on the mic, with many new episodes in the bank and/or scheduled to record for a brand new series starting in the New Year! But for now, please enjoy a festive check in on relatable, realistic and humorous acconts from #actorslife. 

Huge thanks to our listener guests...

Olivia (@Olivia_Gaidry on Twitter, Instagram and TikTok) 

Sven (@SvenMaertenson on Twitter and Instagram)

Jamie (@jimthevic on Instagram) 

Trev (@trevfleming1 on Twitter and Instagram) 

and Pete (@peteromooney on Instagram and @taxbakandcraic for his actor tax service) 

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New to the 98%? There's 3 whole seasons and 2 mini series' to catch up on! Get ready for a no hold back, brutally honest look at what the life of an actor is *really* like. With funny anecdotes, honest chats with industry professionals and tips and advice that any actor/creative can benefit from...the reality of #actorslife is really like in a way you've never heard before.


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