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The 98%

Dec 20, 2021

Join in some festive fun with Alexa, Katie and the return of Philip Joel (aka the King of Panto!) as they relive panto experiences (the illusion of panto may be ruined forever!), shocking celebrity encounters (Brian Blessed did WHAT now?!) and revel in all the holiday and performance delights that pantomime can bring! If you take a sip of your boozy beverage for every time a hilarious or toe curling story is shared in this won't be sober for very long!

For more Christmas content relevant to the 98% of actors who don't earn their main income from acting work, you can listen to the Christmas crossover episode from 2018 where Katie and Alexa team up with Andrew Keates of The Show People Podcast for festive games, stories and all too relatable jobbing actor experiences at Christmas. You can also listen on your podcast provider to previously released "Twas The Night Before Christmas"!

Follow Phil on twitter @PhilipJoel and instagram @PhilipJoel87

To hear more from Phil you can listen to S3E12 of The 98% where you can hear all about his viral videos, his thoughts about mental health in the industry, and more!

Want to check out what Phil has been working on? Watch Snow White at the Gatehouse Theatre in Stafford or Cinderella at the Millfield Theatre in Edmonton, London! Both shows run until Friday December 31st and tickets are limited so get booking! (And don't forget to wear yer mask!)


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