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May 12, 2023

In this special episode, taken from Aya's talk at the Women Architects Festival, she shares her early career journey and the valuable insights she gained along the way. The episode delves deep into the fundamental principles that helped shape her success, emphasizing the significance of resilience, authenticity, and the courage to take risks. Drawing from personal experiences, she imparts practical tips on how to level up in both business and architecture as a woman, including four key strategies:

  1. Acquire Knowledge
  2. Build Relationships
  3. It's not 'How' but 'Who’ 
  4. Structure and Process

Be sure to listen all the way through to catch Aya's insightful answers from the engaging Q&A session. Discover her perspectives on investing in a business coach, finding the right collaborators, finding advisors to help you find your blind spots, and establishing healthy work-life boundaries.

Tune in to this episode to learn Aya's practical advice that can help you take your career to the next level and unlock your own path to success!



The Women Architects Festival was a dynamic event held in May 2022 that catered to the specific needs and interests of the women in the architecture community. It covered a wide range of topics, including career development, motherhood, business growth, and working on construction sites. By showcasing the remarkable achievements of women who paved the way, the festival offered a glimpse of what was possible in architecture and beyond.

Attendees gained valuable insights and actionable strategies to foster their professional growth and sustain successful careers in architecture. The event fostered meaningful connections and provided an opportunity to network with like-minded individuals committed to supporting one another. The festival offered a collection of actionable workshops by inspiring speakers and a community specially curated for women in architecture.

Produced by Joann Lui, a licensed architect, brand designer, and personal brand strategist, the Women Architects Festival is more than just a virtual conference; it's a celebration of women in architecture, highlighting their successes and shared stories.

Find out more about the Women Architects Festival at or connect with Joann at



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