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Jan 16, 2024

In this year's pilot episode, Aya talks about her New Year tradition— picking a special word for the year. Instead of the same old resolutions, she shares how one word played a pivotal role in making her goals happen! 

She also recaps the ups, downs, and ‘unconventional’ moments of her 2023, and shares what she learned that's coming along with her into this new year. Plus, she reveals her word for 2024 and shares what she's planning for the year.

If you're still figuring out your game plan for 2024, make sure to tune into this episode to learn an exercise that might just be what you need to ace your goals! Here's a little hint: think of it as finding your very own North Star. 🌟


Aya Shlachter is the founder and CEO of MGS Global Group, offering architecture staffing and drafting support to the AEC, hospitality, and retail sectors. She earned a Master's in Architecture and Urban Design from Columbia University and a Bachelor's in Architecture from the New Jersey Institute of Technology. She furthered her education through Harvard University's Hospitality Design program.

Aya is a wife and mother of two. She enjoys traveling, golf, and recreational triathlons. Cooking and spending time outdoors also make her happy. Recently, she started joining (and enjoying!) weekly group cold plunges in Cleveland.



Architect My Life is a podcast for empowering women creative entrepreneurs. Our show is dedicated to supporting architects and designers to achieve business growth, financial freedom, and health and wellness. We share inspiring success stories and valuable lessons from others' experiences.

This podcast is hosted by Aya Shlachter, CEO and Founder of MGS Global Group - a company that provides on-demand drafting services for architecture and design firms.


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