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Jan 25, 2024

Your host, Aya Shlachter, talks with Sarah Ramos — Founder and Managing Director of Eldane Pty Ltd.

In this episode, Aya talks with Sarah, a Filipina architect and firm owner in Canberra, Australia. They discuss Sarah's involvement in establishing the United Architects of the Philippines in Australia and New Zealand, her migration story, how she adjusted culturally and professionally, and her enjoyment of architecture in the laid-back Australian setting.

Additionally, Sarah shares the challenges she faced as a business owner, including networking and language barriers. She talks about founding her firm, Eldane, and the important contribution of client relationships to its growth. She also mentions how she met her first client on Instagram!

Sarah also shares her project management approach and the importance of client involvement for project success. Inspired by Australian culture, she discusses maintaining work-life balance and efficient processes to meet deadlines and project standards.

Make sure to listen all the way through to learn more about the life of being a firm owner in Australia!



Sarah Ramos is the founder and managing director of Eldane Pty Ltd, a leading design firm in Canberra known for its focus on purposefully designed spaces and innovative approaches to the design process.

As a seasoned Filipina architect with qualifications in both Architecture and Interior Design from the Philippines and Australia, Sarah has dedicated her practice to helping clients achieve spaces that not only reflect their lifestyles or businesses but also contribute to creating a safe and healthy built environment for years to come.

Sarah's unique perspective as a designer is shaped by a fusion of Philippine and Australian influences, resulting in designs that transcend conventional boundaries. Her work seamlessly integrates cultural richness with contemporary functionality, telling compelling stories through the spaces she creates.

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