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Feb 26, 2024

Your host, Aya Shlachter, talks with the hosts of She Builds Podcast — Norgerie Rivas, Jessica Rogers, and Lizi Raar. 

In this episode, the She Builds trio take us behind the scenes of their podcasting journey, sharing both the triumphs and challenges of showcasing stories of remarkable women in the industry. You'll discover how their podcast has positively influenced their lives and career paths, making them valuable contributors to the AEC industry.

The conversation also highlights the importance of inclusivity in the industry and the inspiration derived from stories of pioneering women. This was their motivation for launching the She Builds Podcast, and why they continue to create a platform that amplifies the voices of women who have left a significant mark in the AEC industry over the years.

Make sure to tune in as Lizi, Jessica, and Norgerie discuss podcasting, the role of women throughout the history of architecture, and share interesting tidbits about themselves that will make you love the She Builds hosts even more!


She Builds Podcast is hitting its 100th episode milestone, and everyone's invited to join the celebration! Hang out with Jessica, Lizi, and Norgerie during their live episode recording on March 2nd at 2 PM EST

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Elizabeth Raar, or Lizi, is a licensed Project Architect from West Michigan, now working in California. She loves making projects both functional and beautiful for her clients. 

Jessica Rogers is a content creator and Marketing Coordinator who's passionate about architecture. Jessica has spent over four years working at the National Headquarters of the American Institute of Architects, where she managed programs for emerging professionals and women in the profession. 

Norgerie Rivas is an Architect from Puerto Rico working as a project manager in Houston, Texas. She's designed projects for various sectors and is all about celebrating and elevating women in her field. 

She Builds Podcast is all about telling the untold stories of women who've made a big impact in architecture, construction, and development.  They highlight stories of women who've played a key role in shaping the built environment, hoping to make women a more equal part of future architectural history.

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Architect My Life is a podcast for empowering women creative entrepreneurs. Our show is dedicated to supporting architects and designers to achieve business growth, financial freedom, and health and wellness. We share inspiring success stories and valuable lessons from others' experiences.

This podcast is hosted by Aya Shlachter, CEO and Founder of MGS Global Group - a company that provides on-demand drafting services for architecture and design firms.


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