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Apr 10, 2024

In this episode, we're joined by Katerina Burianova, the founder of Katerina Burianova Architecture Inc. and host of the ‘From the Honeycomb’ podcast, ranked in the top 100 Best Architecture Podcasts. 

Katerina recounts her career journey in the architecture industry, from launching her firm to successful podcasting. She offers insights into her experiences with the ARE exams and the essential lessons she learned. Katerina also discusses Vastu Shastra principles, detailing how she incorporates them into her design work.

Additionally, she speaks on the challenges she's faced as a woman in architecture and her strategies for overcoming these barriers. Katerina shares her favorite organizational tools and introduces her new resource - 'The Mindful Blueprint for Launching your Architecture Firm' e-book, which aims to help architects establish their firms.

For more insights into Katerina's career journey, listen to the episode wherever you listen to podcasts! Don't forget to check out the link below to buy her e-book, and use the code architect10 for a 10% discount.

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Growing up with two cultures gave Katerina Burianova a unique perspective on the world. Born in the Czech Republic and raised in the US, she chose to study architecture at the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago.

During her five years at university, Katerina worked on various internships, from a historically significant building in the Czech Republic to high-end residential architecture in Chicago.

After graduating, she stayed in Chicago for a few years but eventually moved back to sunny Orange County, California in 2017. In 2022, she became a licensed architect and established Katerina Burianova Architecture Inc.

Outside of architecture, Katerina enjoys yoga, hiking along the California coast, and swimming in the ocean.  


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