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Feb 23, 2022

Your host, Aya Shlachter talks with Hafsa Burt of hb+a Architects. hb+a Architects is a hands-on, tech-savvy design studio focused on delivering high-quality design projects. The firm today consists of design professionals; bringing over 105 years of combined experience. They have a successful history with Planning and...

Feb 16, 2022

Your host, Aya Shlachter talks with Violetta Ustayev of Vi Design. Violetta brings a distinctive, holistic approach to design, for the past ten years, she has infused her work with her own eclectic style. Vi Design is an award winning design firm that specializes on interior design, construction management, and staging....

Feb 9, 2022

Your host, Aya Shlachter talks with Sara Kolata. Sara has always been a humanitarian at heart, she moved to Guatemala with $300 to her name where she began building schools and houses. In this episode, you'll hear how about the trials and errors Sara experienced while building her business, different...

Feb 2, 2022

Your host, Aya Shlachter talks with Karen Asprea. Karen Asprea is a New York City based interior designer with distinct focus on the luxury residential market. Specializing in design for luxury residential developments, private homes and commercial spaces.

To learn more about Karen's work, visit