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Jan 25, 2024

Your host, Aya Shlachter, talks with Sarah Ramos — Founder and Managing Director of Eldane Pty Ltd.

In this episode, Aya talks with Sarah, a Filipina architect and firm owner in Canberra, Australia. They discuss Sarah's involvement in establishing the United Architects of the Philippines in Australia and New Zealand,...

Jan 20, 2024

Your host, Aya Shlachter, talks with Caitlin Brady — a licensed architect and Host of the Architectette Podcast. 

In this episode, Aya and Caitlin dive into the essence of groups and organizations in the AEC community for collective growth and support. Caitlin shares her journey from architecture school to active...

Jan 16, 2024

In this year's pilot episode, Aya talks about her New Year tradition— picking a special word for the year. Instead of the same old resolutions, she shares how one word played a pivotal role in making her goals happen! 

She also recaps the ups, downs, and ‘unconventional’ moments of her 2023, and shares what she...