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Tiny Bubbles: Recovery Inspiration

Dec 26, 2022

When I quit drinking in 2011, I thought life after alcohol would be glum and boring. I thought the work of sobriety was learning to tolerate a life sentence of abstinence form alcohol. Boy was I wrong. Life is better! What a happy surprise! 

Sobriety doesn't guarantee happiness. It takes effort to learn new patterns and...

Dec 17, 2022

Many of us are inclined to shoulder far too much on our own, and need a little nudge to seek and accept help from others. We also need to reassess our supports from time to time. We learn more about this from psychotherapist and sober coach, Kathy Robbins. Listen to the full interview with Kathy Robbins from Season 8 of...

Dec 8, 2022

When we change ourselves, everything around us will shift as a result.

In this episode, we hear form Sarah Allen Benton, Author of Understanding the High Functioning Alcoholic: Breaking the Cycle and Finding Hope 

Jean mentions a great resource, Repeat After Me workbook by Claudia Black

We also hear from the wonderful...

Dec 2, 2022

It's the first epsiode of Tiny Bubbles! 

We start with a few words from Lotta Dann of Living Sober  and Mrs D is Going Without

Also a great reminder to be where we are today, and take as small of steps as needed to keep moving forward.

Rememeber to check out the new book Take Good Care and Patreon - you'll find the...