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Needed On Set

Dec 27, 2022

Actor, model and entrepreneur Kasia Trepagnier knows a thing or two about going after what you want. From watching TV, to acting in over 38 films, Kasia has taken each experience and treated it as a learning lesson and chance to connect with her community. This week, our host Kenya speaks with New Orleans based Kasia about her experience on vastly different sets, building up the confidence to finally go for your dreams and the practical side of doing both background and speaking roles. Kasia also shares some powerful examples of the intense feelings on the set of Emancipation and how it was important for actors to delineate film vs. reality.


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Also Talked About:

  • Kasia inspires us by following your aspirations and speaking up when you have something to say.

  • How Kasia stays confident about going for what she wants and turning each experience into a learning lesson.

  • The mindset Kasia has around learning that helps her continue to grow personally and professionally.

  • How she had to break out of an early, unhealthy relationship that had temporarily stopped her from pursuing her dreams.

  • The difference between sets and how she stays professional whether the mood is more relaxed or stiff and rushed.

  • The beauty of the New Orleans acting community supporting each other instead of letting competitiveness get in the way or hold them back.

  • Does talent typically ignore or mingle with background on set?

  • What’s next for Kasia, including a Jackson State University film called Sonic Boom and a short film titled Mood.


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