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Monsters by the Minute

Dec 1, 2022

Welcome to Monsters by the Minute!

For this, the first season of the show, we are taking a look at Universal Pictures 1932 classic, The Mummy, directed by Karl Freund and starring Boris Karloff, Zita Johann and David Manners.

In this episode, Setna, humbled by the power and corrupting influence of The Scroll of Thoth, begins to make amends for his greed.

In the biography section, we look at the fascinating life of Zita Johann, the woman starring in the dual role of socialite Helen Grosvenor and the reincarnated Princess Ank-sen-amon. Then, finally, we take a look a minutes 57 through 63 of the movie. Helen is home, back from her meeting with Ardeth Bey, and begins to take a turn for the worse due to the constant psychic battle to return to him. For good.