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Monsters by the Minute

Dec 8, 2022

Welcome to Monsters by the Minute!

For this, the first season of the show, we are taking a look at Universal Pictures 1932 classic, The Mummy, directed by Karl Freund and starring Boris Karloff, Zita Johann and David Manners.

As we end the myth of Setna and the Book of Thoth, the prince has learned the error of his ways, and the previous owner and his family can finally rest in peace.

In biography section, we finally come to the star of the movie, Boris Karloff. Quiet, polite, professional, unassuming, a sudden star due to his portrayal of the monster of Frankenstein. It is Karloff’s sublime menace that runs through the film from start to finish and made The Mummy the classic that it is today.

Then, finally, we take a look a minutes 64 through the end of the movie. It is the end game - Helen has returned to Ardeth Bey and he must kill her to possess her. The love of Frank Whemple against the evil of the undead priest.