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Ready 4 Pushback

Jan 30, 2023

Today, we’ll detail the history behind the Organization of Black Aerospace Professionals, what they do, and their perspective on streamlining the educational processes of the aerospace industry with the OBAP Chairman of the Board, Joel Webley. Listen in to know more about their purpose!




  • The reason for OBAP’s (Organization of Black Aerospace Professionals) existence
  • How OBAP develops and support work force in the aerospace industry
  • OBAP programs to promote aerospace to youth
  • Career opportunities from  the aerospace industry
  • Benefits of OBAP conferences
  • The importance of allyship in your life journey







Hailing from Grand Rapids Michigan, Joel Webley is a FedEx 757 Captain, and Instructor Pilot with the New Hampshire Air National Guard. A graduate of Western Michigan University College of Aviation, Joel started his career first as a Certified Flight Instructor, next as an Officer and Pilot in the USAF, and later a Captain and Business Leader with the General Electric Corporate Flight Department. As a true ‘success story’ of OBAP initiatives, Joel initially began his relationship with OBAP in 1999 as a high school student attending an affiliated summer program. There he first interacted with OBAP members and was inspired to work with other community programs targeted towards promoting diversity within the aviation industry as his career burgeoned. Almost 20 years later, Joel brings to the OBAP leadership, years of aviation experience as a pilot, as well as strong business skills sharpened while working within a Fortune 100 corporation as Process Improvement Leader.

Joel joined the OBAP Board of Directors in January 2019 and currently serves as Board Chair. During his time with the board, he has served as Chair for the Professional Skills Development Program Subcommittee, Chair for the 2019 Convention Professional Development Committee, Corporate Luncheon Committee, and Member of the 2019 Convention Committee. His current focus is on helping develop new strategies to keep OBAP effective in its mission despite challenges presented by a changing industry.

Joel holds an M.S. in Project Management from Boston University. He currently resides in the greater Memphis area with his wife Julia and their two sons.







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