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Slight Chance of Science

May 17, 2023

Meteorologist Catherine Maxwell tags along with Ferrum College at Smith Mountain Lake chatting about the process of how to gather the data to ensure our water is safe for our communities. 

May 2, 2023

Sea-level rise is not just an ocean problem, but also an inland problem. Virginia Tech researcher Elizabeth Hunter talks with Chief Meteorologist Brent Watts on a NASA-funded study that will use new technology to detect where the landscape is changing, and what landowners are doing in response to the changes in water...

Apr 4, 2023

Meteorologist Leo Hirsbrunner talks with Dr. Morgan Wilson, ornithologist at Hollins University, to find out which birds are migrating in April, when you should get the hummingbird feeders out, and best practices for feeding birds during the warm season. 

Mar 22, 2023

Meteorologist Catherine Maxwell sits down with two guests to talk about seasonal affective disorder impacting humans but also how it can play a role on our pets.

Mar 6, 2023

Phil Hysell is the Warning Coordination Meteorologist at the National Weather Service. We speak to Phil about Severe Weather Awareness Week. What is the purpose of the week and why is it important?