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Sep 8, 2023

Today’s guest is Michael Ruskin. Michael is the last surviving member of his immediate family.  Mr. Ruskin writes for a living and writes and publishes memoirs and family history books for people who want their stories told and preserved as keepsakes for their family or to a wider audience.  The Vow, A Love Story and the Holocaust is Mr. Ruskin's latest book, but not his last. 

The Vow is the story of Michael’s parents.  A true story based on the lives of two people whose love, faith, and will to survive transcended one of the darkest periods in human history...the Holocaust.

Excerpt from the book: “As the last remaining captives were being herded towards the trains, David whispered in Dora’s ear. "No matter where they take us, we will meet back here in the Square, when this is over. Stay strong my Love, and know my thoughts and prayers are with you."  Dora replied with tears in her eyes. “I love you David and I will pray every night that God keeps us safe and brings us home to each other." -The Vow: A Love Story & The Holocaust”


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