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Vivlio Health - improving the medical record workflow

Mar 13, 2024

Since the early days of EMRs – the pre-Meaningful Use days, EMRs have come a long way in providing functionality for practices to connect to the outside world to extend their business processes and go beyond their practice walls.  But we still have a ways to go – especially when trying to connect to providers, health organizations, labs and other entities where there is no affiliation in some way, as for example, beyond the networks of providers who do not use the same EMR or don’t connect to the same HIE.

Imagine consistently logging into a secure web site and finding a list of your patients for all upcoming appointments and seeing their clinical information being immediately available ready for you to review with tools that make it easy to find the information you need to export back to your EMR.  The tedious faxing, scanning, printing, and calling is replaced with a process that is finished in minutes - even seconds – saving staff precious time and helping your physicians have the critical clinical data needed for optimal clinical decision making. 

Lets discuss where interoperability is today in 2024 and how your practice can drastically improve the process of managing medical records this year and into the future!