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The Next Billion

Mar 5, 2024

Join Frank Mathis and George Harrap as they dive into the world of decentralized storage on this episode. Learn how Frank's journey from financial planner to crypto enthusiast shapes his path, from building a top RPC provider to launching Solana NFTs, and now, focusing on the challenges of decentralized cloud platforms.

They emphasize why user experience, economic incentives, and Shadow Drive's potential are game-changers in the realm of data storage. Unpacking the mechanics behind Shadow Drive V2, they shed light on how it's revolutionizing the decentralized storage scene.

Discover how Shadow Drive's tokenomics drive network growth while ensuring top-notch performance. And find out why Solana is the go-to platform for cutting-edge projects.

From securing the network with Shadow tokens to aligning incentives for users and operators, this conversation goes deep into the strategies powering decentralized infrastructure's evolution. You'll understand the critical role user experience plays in driving adoption and why aligning token incentives with network growth is crucial.

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Host George Harrap has wide-ranging discussions to help people better understand the future of crypto adoption and uses around the world.

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