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How to Really Run a City

The Philadelphia Citizen present former Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed, former Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter, and Citizen co-founder Larry Platt who talk about what it really takes to get sh*t done in cities on The Citizen’s newest podcast, How to Really Run a City. Enjoy new episodes with a special guest joining each month. To learn more, read Larry Platt’s article on the birth of the podcast.

Mar 13, 2024

Former Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed, former Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter, and The Philadelphia Citizen co-founder Larry Platt welcome Charles Blow, columnist for The New York Times and author of the 2021 book The Devil You Know: A Black Power Manifesto and last year’s companion HBO documentary, South to Black Power.

In a wide-ranging and impassioned conversation, Blow makes the case for a type of new Black Power movement by calling for a Black migration to the South (he moved to Atlanta, GA, four years ago) and opining on the diminishing Democratic Party loyalty of Black men in America. The mayors and their guest dive deep into the risks run when politicians focus on philosophical debates over more day-to-day issues like jobs and the economy.

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