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Beauty from the Shelf

Jan 31, 2023

Pure play DTC, E-Commerce Giant, or Omnichannel Retailer? In this episode, Monique sits down with Andrea Leigh, CEO of Allume Group to discuss E-Commerce as it relates to launching a beauty brand. We discuss customer acquisition costs, retail media networks, and new challenges in digital with rising inflation.


Jan 17, 2023

Follow the shopper, and you are sure to find success. In this episode, Monique sits down with Wendy Liebmann, CEO & Chief Shopper of WSL Strategic Retail. We discuss changes in prestige beauty, why following the shopper helps brands, the benefit of pricing items at a luxury price point, how Ulta was a visionary, and...

Jan 17, 2023

Welcome to Beauty from the Shelf. A show that talks to industry experts with a focus on early stage beauty brands growing from 0 to $20M.