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Beauty from the Shelf

Nov 7, 2023

Dive into the world of consumer research and its pivotal role in the CPG industry with our latest podcast episode with guest Kristen Evans. Kristen is a 15-year veteran in the consumer research space with experience in sports, CPG and at agencies.


The conversation unfolds with a focus on the challenges smaller brands face due to limited funding. At 3:19, we explore the critical question of when brands should allocate resources for research as they scale. Discover the nuances of "Point of Parity" versus "Point of Difference" at 9:33 and how it shapes a brand's identity.


Quantitative and qualitative research's significance becomes clear at 15:34, with practical advice on how early-stage brands can embrace research without breaking the bank. Learn how consumer insights fuel product innovation and build brand equity at 17:51 and 22:06, respectively.


At 28:38, we uncover the power of storytelling and the art of joining conversations in the market. Delve into brand packaging findings at 29:04 and explore whether they resonate beyond specific brands. We also touch upon the pitfalls and watch-outs in consumer research at 31:58.


The episode wraps up with a thought-provoking discussion on the "Why" behind research at 38:00 and a deep dive into "Kristen’s C’s of Research" at 40:07. These six/seven Cs — Company, Category, Competition, Consumer, Customer, Shopper, Channel, and Culture — form the bedrock of successful consumer research.


Tune in and gain valuable insights into how consumer research can elevate your brand's presence and strategy in the ever-evolving CPG landscape.


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