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Beauty from the Shelf

Feb 20, 2024

Welcome to an eye-opening episode where we delve into the dynamic world of retail channels beyond the everyday. Our expert guest, Mercedes Asare joins the show. Mercedes has hands-on experience working both on the brand side and through distributors. She sheds light on the unique strategies employed to sell products in hair salons and spas. We explore the crucial role distributors play, the vast opportunities in the salon industry, and the key considerations for brands eyeing expansion. Discover the nuances of selling in the professional channel, the impact of stylist and salon collaboration, and the significance of digital marketing in professional hair care. Uncover potential challenges and explore exciting opportunities for brands aiming to make a mark in this thriving sector. Stay tuned for valuable insights and strategic tips for navigating the professional hair care landscape!


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Mercedes Asare

Monique Benoit

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