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Beauty from the Shelf

Mar 19, 2024

In this episode of Beauty from the Shelf, Monique Benoit sits down with Robin Beck, CEO of Manufacturing to Retail, a company specializing in product development strategies. With a background as a chemist and experience working for major organizations like Target and Ecolab, Robin brings invaluable insights into business strategy and product development.

The conversation kicks off with an exploration of product briefs – their significance, components, and who benefits from them. Robin emphasizes the importance of brand principles and customer experience in crafting effective product briefs, offering valuable tips for new brands embarking on their product development journey.

Robin delves into the distinction between product formulators and manufacturers, sharing key qualities to look for in both roles. She highlights the importance of understanding formulation as a science and suggests questions for founders to ask when evaluating potential partners.

As the discussion progresses, Robin sheds light on formulation ownership, advocating for a flexible approach that prioritizes collaboration over ownership. She provides insights into managing conversations with suppliers and navigating the complexities of formula ownership, tailored to the needs of branded businesses.

Drawing from her extensive industry experience, Robin concludes the episode with sage advice for founders just starting out, emphasizing the importance of thorough research, strategic partnerships, and continuous learning in the competitive landscape of beauty product development.


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