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Scaling Emerging Beauty

Apr 16, 2024

In this episode of the Beauty from the Shelf podcast, host Monique Benoit delves into the crucial topic of self-care for founders with guest Jasmin Foster. As an entrepreneur in the early-stage beauty industry, Jasmin understands the demands and challenges founders face in juggling multiple roles. The conversation begins by highlighting the importance of prioritizing self-care amidst the hustle of entrepreneurship.


Jasmin shares her journey of balancing a full-time job with building her beauty brand during off-hours. She emphasizes the necessity of intentional time management to ensure personal well-being doesn't take a backseat. Through calendar blocks and mindful scheduling, she carves out moments for herself, her family, and activities she loves, reinforcing the idea that self-care isn't just relaxation—it's a holistic approach to personal development.


The discussion further explores strategies for continuous growth as a founder while maintaining self-care as a priority. Jasmin acknowledges the learning curve of managing an early-stage business, leveraging resources like YouTube tutorials and networking with industry experts to fill skill gaps. She emphasizes the importance of financial planning to alleviate pressure and uncertainty, advocating for concrete cash flow management and discernment in decision-making.


As the conversation unfolds, Jasmin offers insights into balancing entrepreneurial duties with the demands of being a microinfluencer. She shares her experience hiring support to manage content creation, highlighting the importance of delegation and mentorship in sustaining productivity and creativity.


Recognizing the risk of burnout, Jasmin discusses warning signs and preventive measures. She stresses the significance of building a supportive community and maintaining regular self-check-ins to realign priorities. Through personal anecdotes, she reflects on the surprises, challenges, and joys of launching her own brand, emphasizing the fulfillment of serving her community and witnessing the impact of her products.


Listeners are invited to connect with Jasmin and explore her brand, BeRooted, across various channels, reaffirming the podcast's commitment to empowering early-stage beauty founders with valuable insights and actionable strategies for sustainable growth.


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