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Beauty from the Shelf

Mar 5, 2024

In this episode of Beauty from the Shelf, we delve into the world of boutique retailing with Kimberly Waters, owner, founder, and creative director of M.U.S.E., Modern Urban Sensory Experiences. Located in the heart of Harlem, Muse stands as Harlem’s premier niche fragrance destination, offering a unique space for consumers to explore luxury perfumes in an intimate, welcoming environment.


Kimberly shares her insights on how boutique retailers like Muse can provide a platform for early-stage beauty brands to gain visibility and connect with clientele. Through her personal journey and dedication to accessibility, Kimberly has built Muse as a space where individuals within the community can discover and experience fragrances without pretension.


Kimberly offers valuable perspectives on curating product selections and creating personalized experiences for customers. As we discuss the power of storytelling in the beauty industry, Kimberly emphasizes the significance of understanding consumer preferences and connecting them with the right fragrance. She shares strategies for boutique retailers to effectively communicate brand narratives and values, fostering deeper connections with customers.


Kimberly offers advice for early-stage founders seeking partnerships with boutique retailers. From pitching products to establishing credibility, Kimberly provides invaluable insights for navigating the dynamic landscape of boutique retailing.


Tune in as we uncover the secrets to creating unique brand experiences and discover how Muse is redefining the beauty retail landscape, one fragrance at a time.

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