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Beauty from the Shelf

Jun 27, 2023

In this episode, I sit down with Beatrice Dixon. Bea is the Co-Founder, CEO, Chief Innovation Officer and face of the Honey Pot Company. She wears many hats. Honey Pot Company is a vagina and human wellness brand that focuses to destigmatize how people talk about them. This is an extremely special episode for me because I met Bea in 2015 as a buyer over sanitary protection at Target. I brought the brand in at Target and love to see how much the brand has grown.

This episode gets personal, we know that business is one hat that founders wear but we are people too. We might be running a business but have other things happening in life. These are part of the challenges that founders overcome. I hope you enjoy this episode as we talk keys to growth, and also personal points of wisdom.


Podcast Outline

02:46 Category Changes in Menstruation

05:53 What has been one of the hardest things to go through as a brand?

21:58 Why was slow growth the right path for you? Do you have any cautions about fast growth? Cut at 27:40 "You're dropping some wisdom

10:02 How would you address challenges if you were launching a new brand today?

16:48 If you could transport back, what would you share with your freshly minted entrepreneurial self?

28:00 Bea's Helpful Resources


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The Emerson Group

The Emerson Group is a consumer products and equity organization that works with brands that sell into retailers across the USA, Mexico and Canada. Our services include logistics, marketing, consumer insights, brand design, consumer care, and more. For more information on our organization, visit


The Honey Pot Company

Their mission is to educate, support, and provide women around the world with the tools and resources that promote feminine health and wellness. We do this by engaging and empowering the women we serve one healthy honey pot at a time. 

Through our functional plant-based feminine care system, our goal is to provide women with a healthy alternative to feminine care that is free of chemicals, parabens, carcinogens, and sulfates. Our washes are gynecologist approved, clinically tested and pH balanced. Say hello to the future of feminine care.