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Living Kelowna with Brandon Grass

May 3, 2024

In our latest Living Kelowna Podcast episode hosted by Brandon Grass, listeners will gain valuable insights into the crucial aspects of property disclosure when selling a home. Brandon emphasizes the legal obligation of home sellers to disclose pertinent information about their property to potential buyers through a property disclosure statement. He delves into the significance of disclosing material defects or issues that could impact the property's value or functionality, such as structural damage, plumbing or electrical issues, environmental hazards, and previous renovations. Brandon stresses the importance of honesty and thoroughness in completing the disclosure statement, as failure to disclose known issues could lead to legal consequences. He advocates for over-disclosure rather than under-disclosure, highlighting that transparency can prevent future disputes and legal entanglements. Listeners will also learn about the benefits of consulting with real estate professionals or lawyers for guidance on completing the disclosure statement accurately. Furthermore, Brandon offers listeners the opportunity to receive a sample property disclosure statement via email, ensuring they have the necessary resources to navigate the disclosure process effectively.

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