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The Biology of Trauma® With Dr. Aimie

Jul 19, 2024

One question: If you have had trauma, early life trauma, what should you know about decreasing your risk for autoimmunity?

I have a distinguished guest for this episode, a leading expert in functional medicine, Dr. Tom O'Bryan, who holds teaching positions with the Institute of Functional Medicine and the National...

Jul 12, 2024

How do our early experiences shape our ability to love, be loved and feel loved? 


In this episode, I am joined by Dr. Frank Anderson, a Harvard trained psychiatrist, psychotherapist, and author of To Be Loved, a memoir of his upbringing and life, Transcending Trauma, and coauthor of the Internal Family Systems...

Jun 28, 2024

Is your health impacting the way you show up for work?

In this episode, I am joined by Sally Riggs, an entrepreneur, psychologist, and COVID long-haul coach. Together, we’ll discuss the interconnectedness of work and health and the strategies and principles you can use to keep going when your body is struggling with...

Jun 21, 2024

How do we navigate the hidden challenges that can arise when experiencing grief? 


Today, I am joined by Melissa Dlugolecki, a mother who lost her daughter at around 4 months of age. In the episode, Melissa shares the journey of losing her daughter, the surprising challenges that popped up during her grief journey, and...

Jun 14, 2024

Are your attachment pains and patterns impacting not only your relationships, but also your nervous system and overall health?

In this episode, I am joined by Dr. Diane Poole-Heller, an internationally recognized speaker, author, and expert in the field of attachment theory and trauma resolution. Together, we will...