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The Biology of Trauma® With Dr. Aimie

Apr 26, 2024

What is the connection between attachment, autoimmunity and fatigue? The answer… your nervous system!

Many practitioners have noticed there has been an uptick in those who are experiencing autoimmunity. What's causing this uptick? In this episode, I’m discussing how the nervous system, and more specifically the freeze response, is connected to attachment, autoimmunity, and fatigue.

You’ll hear more about: 

  • The 3 normal stress responses
  • How the freeze response is a component of the stress response both mentally and physically
  • How the freeze response contributes to autoimmune conditions and fatigue
  • Why working on your nervous system 
  • Common symptoms of the freeze response
  • What role do early attachment relationships and traumatic events play in shaping an individual’s stress responses
  • Ways to increase your awareness of your stress responses and explore strategies for managing them effectively

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