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The Biology of Trauma® With Dr. Aimie

May 24, 2024

How is trauma work different when there is a syndrome involved?

Today, I’m delighted to bring you another episode featuring Dr. Peter Levine. Dr. Levine is the Developer of Somatic Experiencing® and the Founder of both the Ergos Institute of Somatic Education and Somatic Experiencing International. Together, we will discuss how stored trauma can lead to syndromes and the somatic solutions that can help.

You’ll hear more on:

  • The main element in your body that drives all syndromes
  • Why somatic work is one of 3 pillars of stored trauma
  • What every physician should know about syndromes
  • The role of childhood trauma in chronic syndromes
  • What dysautonomia is (and its role in syndromes)
  • The key to somatic work with any and all syndromes
  • And more!

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