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Hiring Matters

Nov 13, 2023

Ever had a job that felt like it sucked the soul right outta you? We've got the one and only Adam Weber in the hot seat—Chief Evangelist of 15Five, and Co-Founder of Emplify. We're talking Radical Clarity, soul-crushing jobs, and how to unlock your team’s full potential.  

We dive into the nitty-gritty of those soul-crushing jobs and how to break free from their grip. Adam's experiences bring a unique perspective on finding fulfillment in your work life and fostering a positive, energized team culture. Our conversation about uncovering your team's hidden superpowers will make you rethink team dynamics. Adam also breaks down what Radical Clarity really means and why it's a game-changer in setting and achieving goals. 

Ready to discover the secrets of uncovering your team's true capabilities? Join us for an eye-opening conversation filled with practical takeaways that blend professional wisdom with personal passion. 


About our guest Adam Weber:

Adam Weber is not just a corporate wizard but also an Author, Podcast Host, retired pastor, former musician, and aspiring comedian. Adam is the Chief Evangelist at 15Five, the performance management platform that drives business results.  

Adam also previously co-founded Emplify, an employee engagement measurement platform, and Bluebridge Digital, a mobile app platform. He sold the companies in 2020 and 2016 respectively. 

Additionally, he is the host of 15Five’s HR Superstars podcast, and the author of the Amazon best-selling book on leadership and culture, "Lead Like a Human". In 2020, Adam was named to Business Insider’s list of Rising Stars in HR.