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Hiring Matters

Mar 18, 2024

Are your job descriptions repelling potential rockstar employees faster than you can say "Monday morning meeting"? Do they read like a laundry list of demands or a cryptic puzzle that even Sherlock Holmes couldn't solve? In our latest Recruiter Rant, Ken challenges the status quo of job descriptions by diving headfirst into the absurdity of ridiculous requirements and outrageous expectations. (Read: degrees, specific industry experience, arbitrary skills such as "good communication skills" or proficiency in Word and Excel.)  He confronts the gaping chasm between these archaic job specs and the vibrant reality of the modern job market, where overly restrictive criteria act as a giant "KEEP OUT" sign for qualified candidates.

Don't worry, Ken's has more than a rant to share. He has some primetime solutions you can implement now to rewrite the job description rulebook and bring some sanity back to hiring!

Hiring matters — mess it up!

About Your Host:

Ken Schmitt is an industry veteran with nearly three decades of expertise in executive recruiting. He shares the wealth of knowledge gained from working with a large regional agency, the globally renowned Heidrick & Struggles, and founding TurningPoint Executive Search—a distinctive firm dedicated to fostering high-touch partnerships. With a wealth of experience and a passion for elevating the executive recruiting landscape, Ken brings a unique perspective that enriches every episode of "Hiring Matters."

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