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Dec 21, 2022

So a Chicagoland IU legacy and a homegrown Cutter walk into a bar; or, in this case, the IU Auditorium... 
What started out on stage at BMOC as a mutual respect and kinship for their respective talents, would lead to an idea to tweak and remix the  schools iconic fight song.  Little did they know - that creative spark would change the career arc of expectations for these two as their entire lives ahead of them. 
And so began a decade+ friendship and working collaboration that would eventually see them leave Bloomington to launch careers in the music industry - one in Los Angeles; while the other currently residing in Nashville, TN. 
Their music publishing deals would allow them to have Grammy Award winning artist and 2023 Super Bowl halftime entertainer Rihanna, record one of their songs; and the musical journey that began in late 2009, continues on to this day. 
With well over 7 million YouTube hits on their signature song; these two Hoosier grads will forever be linked to Bloomington. Their impact on campus culture while in town (and certainly after) was undeniable... we're so happy to have as our guests on this second episode of Beyond BTown: the architects and entertainers behind song, 'This Is Indiana' ... 
Misters Brice Fox & Daniel Weber